Probbax - Hygiene and waste management

Probbax is the leading manufacturer of tailor-made hygiene and waste management solutions. The products are a popular choice in leading hotels, restaurants, caf├ęs, factories, health care institutions, educational facilities, airports, public spaces and villas.

The products are extremely reliable, durable and come in a range of attractive designs. Q1 is please to offer its customers with the full range of Probbax products, all specially selected for your needs

  • zxzx
    Disposable garbage bag holder
  • zxccccc
    Colour coded waste separation baskets
  • ccccc
    Single bucket & wringler 20L

  • Waste separation basket

  • Handkerchief / cosmetic paper dispenser

  • Round bins

  • Round bins

  • Hand dryer

  • Outdoor container with ashtray

  • Stand alone ash / trash container

  • Container with ashtray

  • Ashtray

  • Waste separation basket